When we meet online, my “address” will always be here: (join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android)

Current Offerings

How you choose to work with me depends on your budget and timeline and how fast you want to achieve your goals… if you’d like to explore an as-yet unoffered program (aka. “game plan”), let’s chat.

  • Corrective Yoga Café | group | –
    • create inner strength and cultivate energetic balance in head, heart and spirit
    • 1st Monday of each month
    • start: as soon as you’re ready
  • 5-Day Meditation Experience | group and/or solo journey | $
    • experience more confidence, energy, creativity, freedom, love and joy in your life
    • join me for a 5-day [nearly monthly] meditation journey
    • start: sign up to get updates
  • Warrior Project | group and solo journey | $$
    • unshakable confidence, self-love & fierce determination in the face of obstacles
    • we meet 1 time per month and I ask for a 6-month commitment from each participant
    • start: as soon as you are read
  • Weekend Retreats | group and solo journey | $$$
    • build self-confidence and self-love and cultivate peace
    • women’s yoga & meditation retreats offered 1-2 per year
    • start: check schedule
  • Private corrective yoga | solo / small group journey | $$ – $$$
    • create balance and heal your body
    • 1-hour sessions are scheduled 1 time every other month up to 1 time per week, depending on the student
    • start: as soon as you are ready
  • Private Coaching | solo journey | $$$ – $$$$
    • establish and attain personal or professional goals
    • coaching generally occurs over a period of time during which we meet weekly or bi-weekly over a period of 6+ months. This on-going coaching relationship allows us to specify actions and goals, track progress and accountability, and recognize successes.
    • start: as soon as you are ready


:: Monday 2nd ::

Corrective Yoga Café

Meet me online! You are a woman who wants to create inner strength and cultivate energetic balance in head, heart and spirit. That is the purpose and inspiration of these monthly breaks. Corrective Yoga Café, for women who want to cultivate energetic balance in head, heart and spirit. Monday 2 May | 9-10am CST | Location: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: | complementary gift

:: Tuesday 3rd ::

:: Wednesday 4th ::

:: Thursday 5th ::

Warrior Project 

Unshakable confidence, self love & fierce determinationp

Through the Warrior Project, you’ll learn how to stand in your power, to trust yourself, to love yourself, to depend on yourself and tap into your life’s purpose in the face of sorrow, pain, fear. Unshakable confidence, self love & fierce determination in the face of obstacles. You have gifts, it’s time to use them.


:: Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th ::

Yoga and Meditation Retreat

This is for the women who don’t believe they are powerful. Develop a meditation and yoga practice that is grounded in your body to develop a foundation from which to grow and flourish. Retreats are where most students experience incredible insights and breakthroughs in their lives. Learn to give yourself permission to be you, let go of needing to be perfect, learn the art of receiving and living and using your gifts. Own Her Power retreat in Vanderbilt, MI


Not every person is a good match to work with me. Not every one values transformational coaching. If you’re ready to play full out, and to see exponential results, let’s have a conversation about you. I’d like to offer you a personalized, powerful coaching call where we can get your challenge handled. Forever.

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