Sacred Women’s Circles

For women craving a SOULful awakening and a life full of love and purpose. Imagine being surrounded by other women leaders. Imagine the sense of support, knowing there are women to brainstorm with, women to admire, women with whom to collaborate.


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We live in a world of flawed learning programs, revolved around fixing our weaknesses and measuring ourselves to the standards of the woman next to us.

Imagine where you would be if your teachers and mentors had focused on your natural talents–instead of your shortcomings. Imagine where you would be if you had a whole circle of leaders and Warrior Women mirroring your strengths back to you.

We all experience facedown in the battlefield moments–they feel like failure, embarrassment, shame, anxiety, nervousness. When you buy in to your feelings of worthlessness and “I’m not enough,” your business suffers. You step away from the light. You play the Wounded Warrior: fearful, nervous, anxious, stepping down and playing it safe.

“You are going to meet people who are intimidated by you. You’re different. People don’t know how to react or how to accept people who don’t follow the crowd… they aren’t used to someone who doesn’t fit in – so instead of bolstering your uniqueness, they’ll try and make you feel like you’re weird or damaged. I’m here to offer you some well-earned advice: screw them.” [Alfa, You’re Different]

In our circles, we lovingly and non-judgmentally call each other out when we are playing it safe. We build each other up, we encourage each other to step toward our dreams and into discomfort.

You and I have been through abuse, abandonment, unhealthy relationships. Through our circles we are healing and gaining trust again. We lift each other up, we seek to support and to receive support.

I call this the Warrior Project. You’ll come directly in contact with all your stories and “stuff”–about your worthiness, your relationships, your place in the world, rejection, disappointment–with compassion and discover self-love, self worth and trust in yourself.

Our mission through the [Warrior Project] circles is to develop unshakable confidence, self-love & fierce determination in the face of obstacles. 

It’s time to heal from past unhealthy relationship patterns and reconnect to your sense of self.


It’s a lesson in receiving. In allowing others to receive, connect.

• June, July, August, September, October, November 2016 we participate in deep soul work for ourselves

$997 $582 full pay for 6 months of enrollment (includes one for one)

• 1 monthly 2-hour training workshop where we come together and you can ask for support, clarity, help with specific events, love

• bi-weekly inspirational videos sent directly to your inbox for self-love practices and shots of courage

• a private virtual group to connect and collaborate

• 1 monthly private healing session with personalized soul-work

• fearless living meditation audios to practice for deep transformation

Each circle gathering is recorded (in case you miss it or want to review) and includes self-transformational training for you to use in your daily life and the supportive encouragement of other women. Thursday Videos are also recorded and available for a lifetime.

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The Warrior Project is for women who want to be courageous, brave and explore deep selfless love. It’s easy to fall into the 6 wounds: fear, self doubt, isolation, guilt, perfectionism, impatience. A Wounded Warrior is no reality neither you nor I want to stay inside!

When we are in Wounded Warrior mode all parts of our lives are affected. When we are acting from a place of being wounded, we attract more arrows or wounds into our lives.

  • money (fear, guilt, shame)
  • romantic relationships (fear of loss, fear of rejection)
  • career or work (fear, money, stuck, shame of failure)
  • health or body (shame, fear, guilt, impatience)
  • family or community (shame, guilt)

Instead, choose unshakable confidence, self-love and fierce determination in the face of obstacles.

Through the Warrior Project, you’ll learn how to stand in your power, to trust yourself, to love yourself, to depend on yourself and tap into your life’s purpose in the face of sorrow, pain, fear. Unshakable confidence, self-love, fierce determination in the face of obstacles. You have gifts, it’s time to use them.

Each week you’ll be prompted to dig into your purpose, your magic, creating your SOULful life. Each week you’ll receive support that will help you connect to the soul and spirit of the relationship you are reflecting into the world. And you’ll be prompted to reach out and get to know the women in your circle. Communicating, connecting, collaborating–it is the heartbeat of our lives.


“Before I started coaching with Beck, I had anxiety, depression and I felt judgmental toward myself and others. I didn’t feel worthy of the amazing life I had created for myself. The first sessions were challenging, however it didn’t take long and I had more comfort looking at my feelings and thoughts and emotions. Beck listened to me and took the time to understand where I was coming from. She taught me practical yoga and meditation practices that I still use. I coached with Beck for 6 months, and am in a better head space. I have greater confidence, peace of mind and I’m filled with love and joy.” – Greg Gregorich

“Before I started working with Beck, I felt trapped and stuck. I felt isolated, worried about money and feeling hopeless. Beck helped me focus on the positive and feel hopeful about the future. Now I’m more committed to taking time for myself and I realize the value of my support network. The most valuable thing I’ve gained from working with Beck is learning to trust advice from others and focusing on the positive. I especially like Beck’s use of meditation, affirmations, reiki and coaching worksheets.” – Janet Yanel

“Beck pointed out things I’ve never heard an instructor explain before… especially the thoracic spine. That was a huge aha! moment for me during one of the poses…. I loved the experience, it was a great practice. It was great to have the accountability of someone leading the class. I had a subscription with YogaGlo and I love the videos on there… but it was easy to fall out of the habit. Having a meeting time specifically where someone is waiting there for you is a lot easier for me actually hop on and do the yoga instead of putting it on my to do list.” –Sherry Elle

“I cannot wait to show my husband and help him let go of the stress he’s holding in, not to mention tell my mom who is also holding in a lot of stress! I’m already feeling less stressed myself just from those few minutes, despite having another tough money talk this morning. Up until this session, I was doing what I normally do after a stressful conversation: panicking and feeling awful and weighed down. Now, I’m feeling more positive and able to think about what my next step should be! Thank you, Beck!” –Jessie Krisher

“I’ve been to doctors and I didn’t find any help. I started working with Beck and soon learned a lot about “wellness care.” Beck inspired me to be healthy and working with her for the last 3 months changed my life. I am so glad I took Beck’s coaching program. I’ve started losing weight and I’m walking without pain in my knee. Beck is doing something new and I’ve learned to appreciate my ‘wellness care’ routine. – Debrah

“Before I joined Beck’s group program, I was overeating, I didn’t have focus, I wasn’t dedicated to my health, I wasn’t taking action, I was gaining weight. I felt like I was losing myself. Working with Beck reminded me that I’m not alone in my struggle, that I have so much support. Now, I feel more in the moment of what I am doing whether it is eating, stressing etc. I’ve learned to pause.” – Group Client

“I have ‘tried’ Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The beverly Hills Diet, Atkins, Susan Pouter’s Stop the Insanity, various shakes and way too many low calorie diets to count. Even if the diet was working for me there came a point in time that I quit. I remember reaching my goal weight on Jenny Craig and then it all came back on because I quit trying to plan every single meal; I quit trying to count all my calories. Now I realize I can never stop trying, and I am at peace with that. I am slowly loosing weight. I am paying attention to my moods and recognizing when I am wanting to eat to sooth myself.” – Group Client

“I forgot that I was such a powerful being — thank you for letting me see that again. Not that our time together ‘fixed’ things, but what it did was made me really start looking inside myself, as well as outside of myself and start me thinking of what my next journey should/shouldn’t be. Maybe where I am at in life is actually ok, just needs a few adjustments. I loved how you took the time to talk with us, and give us some questions to ponder on our own. And, explaining how our bodies actually work, so we can really understand how Yoga and Meditation interact with the body. And, being with a group of other amazing, remarkable women doesn’t hurt either! I feel I am embracing my power to work through the struggles I have within me. Namaste my new friend…..” – Jill Cooper

“I am so grateful for our time together. Prior to, I was feeling like I was in a pinball machine. Taking the time to declutter my mind and give myself time to relax and refocus felt very nourishing. I’ve practiced yoga irregularly and have never participated in guided meditation, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised at the emotion that poured out of me, and the sense of calm that replaced it. I felt comfortable letting it happen. I am recommitting to my intention to practice yoga for 30 minutes each morning — and leaving the morning news off until after my yoga practice. Thank you. You are a warm, welcoming and inviting soul.” – Lori Franklin

“Beck is truly gifted teacher. She is knowledgeable, calming, and inspiring. I came looking for an opportunity to quiet my noisy, overstressed brain and reconnect with something deeper and more meaningful in myself. Beck was a wonderful guide in this process. Thank you, Beck. Namaste!” – Kathy Dousman

“Before working with Beck, I didn’t have motivation or the dedication to focus on my health and well-being. The biggest thing I got from this short time was reinforced knowledge – I am not taking care of my health when I am choosing to eat emotionally. In the few weeks I worked with Beck, I have noticed less food cravings and I use a lot more positive self talk.” – Group Client

“Before working with Beck, I had a lot of negative self images and negative self-talk. I was overweight, I was controlled by my food cravings. I felt as if I had lost ‘myself.’ The biggest discovery I got from the work I did with Beck is my dialogue with food. In the few weeks of the group program, My self-image is improved, I am still overweight, but I have lost a little bit, and, while I still have cravings, I don’t feel like they control me. I feel a little more like ‘myself.’ ” – Group Client

“Through private sessions, e-courses and in studio classes with Beck, she has helped me grow in my practice both physically and mentally. I feel that Beck is the gift that keeps on giving – I feel so blessed to have her in my life as my teacher and friend.” – Nancy Tuinstra

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