The Warrior Project // beginning


Monday morning 7:03AM

I just returned home from leading a weekend retreat, here’s a tidbit I’ll share with you: “the most deeply grooved pathways in our brain are those leading away from the present moment.” Our circle included a project manager who is recovering from a low place (feelings of failure) in her life and 15 days into her new job. One woman is a social worker, one woman owns her own insurance company and is grappling with the question of focusing on growth or giving back in finding meaningful work. Another woman had an aha! moment in communicating with her son. Our words this weekend included: courage, vulnerability, brain, emotions, failure, heartache, death, mindfulness, leadership, power, empowerment, fear, discouragement, love, openness. Through yoga, meditation, adult coloring, wisdom talks and holding space, I supported these women in creating stillness in their life. Stillness, a clearing, from which they can spring back into “real life” refreshed. Also, some of them may join me TONIGHT on my 8PM CST Zoom Yoga Break, this is a 15-30 minute gifted break from me to you. All you need is your body and attention, and we’ll spend time as a group moving and creating a bit more freedom in our bodies.

Monday morning 9:59AM

I had a really good weekend, leading the women’s retreat. And now it’s Monday morning and I just had a meeting with the teachers at my yoga studio, and I have a distance reiki session with a client plus my evening online yoga class, and I’m feeling fearful rather than fierce. I’m being vulnerable, ignoring the voice that is telling me to be quiet and let you all think I’ve got my stuff together. I don’t feel like a fierce female leader, I actually feel like a fearful, small girl. *sob* Does this make me weak?

Monday evening 5:04PM

strong womanEarlier today I was feeling really low energy, depleted, insecure. I had a distance reiki session with a client, and as much of a realist as I am… that session was profound. I’ll admit this was my first time doing distance, and I didn’t have high hopes. But it works! Energy really does travel. Anyway, a few online girlfriends helped me feel “normal,” and I took some time to regenerate… And apparently that’s exactly what I needed. Because I have this amazing Project that I’ve been on the cusp of creating, but I felt stuck. I didn’t quite know how to get it going. Now I know… Coming soon: Warrior Project.

Know a lady who is (or has been) a Wounded Warrior? Invite her along for the ride: we’re all here to support and uplift each other to live an empowered life that we love. 👭👣🌸

Today at 10:02AM

I’m meeting with women individually and face-to-face to talk about being involved in Warrior Project: a blueprint for leadership, courage and fierce determination in the face of impossible obstacles.

Wounded Warriors move through the world feeling powerless, scared of risk, living in a “small self” and feeling hopeless and helpless. Shame and disapproval are the main arrows that wound the Warrior. I was once a Wounded Warrior, a victim, passive and afraid. Until I got angry enough to take my life and happiness into my hands, to stop waiting for the Prince in Shining Armor to save me.

The Warrior Project is about holding space and healing our wounds. It’s learning to love ourselves, accept who we are–the good, the bad, the indifferent–rather than fear, despise or reject.

Please share the Warrior Project with women and girls. Together we can heal our wounds and become who we are meant to be: Warriors. *mic drop*

Today at 1:14PM

be fearless

{ The Warrior Project // a blueprint for leadership, courage and fierce determination in the face of impossible obstacles }


What’s next in life?

what's nextFuzzy focus. Uncertain. Self-doubt. Discontent. Unsatisfied, but not sure why…

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we aren’t happy where we are, but we’re not clear where to go. Maybe you don’t know what needs to be different or what you want to create. Coaching takes something that is missing or something desired and assists us in gaining clarity and choice by asking powerful questions and working on vision. How do you want your life to be?



Sherry Elle talks about taking an online yoga session

The end of January marked a cool transition: online yoga. Sherry Elle took one of my first online yoga classes, and I asked interviewed her to see what she thought (skip ahead to 0:30 to get Sherry’s aha! moment):

What’s next?

What’s next? I’m totally there some days. I’m a bit envious about people who have their lives planned out, and I had mine planned out at one point, and then I ended up getting a divorce (NOT in the original plan). I have a physical yoga studio and a coaching business. I wish I KNEW what is going to work. How to get “there.” But then I step back into what I teach, that there is no finish line. We don’t reach happiness, we create it in the moments. We live in happiness, we don’t arrive to the destination. And so even in this unknown, and all the future unknowns, I am content in the process.

Giveaway: 10 online zoom meetings

I have this really awesome talent of seeing the potential in people, which is why I ended up marrying the person I did. However after 10 years, it was clear I was the engine in the relationship… and that engine couldn’t keep going without fuel (aka. love). I really believe love (passion) fuels everything we do! And that’s why I do what I do… I love love love helping people get healthy and connected in their life.

// I help busy professionals to reduce stress and self sabotage through coaching and programs focused on mindset, mindfulness practices (like yoga and meditation), nutrition, and inspired action so that they can lose weight, have more energy and be happy, healthy and wealthy. //

I’m giving away ten 15-minute online time slots for you to meet with me in whatever capacity you desire. Do you want a yoga thing to fix your sore shoulders or low back pain? Do you want someone to give you ideas for 20-minute healthy meals? Are you trying to lose weight, but can’t seem to get past the sugar cravings? Want to learn how to say “no?” Do you want to learn how to breathe properly? Do you just want to ask someone if those jeans make your butt look fat? Do you just want to chat with me for 15 minutes just because? Let’s chat!

What kind of yoga do I teach?

wellinspire websiteI’ve been practicing yoga since my late teen years, and the trajectory of my practice veered toward alignment and “precision” after meeting Scott Anderson in 2014. I graduated from Alignment Yoga in 2015 and has helped many students and clients through my work with the body’s organs, fascia (connective tissue), muscles, bones, breathing and energy system.

Alignment yoga is defined by the following:

The Three Fundamentals

The Three Fundamentals are uniquely applicable to Westerners – the yogis of India didn’t often encounter people so caffeinated, multitasking and stressed out! We need a way to drop the stresses and tensions with which we unconsciously burden ourselves and set the stage for a focused and joyful yoga practice. This is why Alignment Yoga classes generally start with a meditation on Grounding, Relaxing the Palate and Full-Commitment Exhale – the Three Fundamentals.


Much of the fatigue people report as they reach their 40’s is the result of making movements from muscles that weren’t designed to make those movements. The challenge is to discover and change these habitual movement patterns. The Pre-Yoga exercises awaken and strengthen the core muscles of postural support, isolating the desired muscles to more easily achieve the optimal, most efficient movement.

Action and Resistance

The interest in flexibility has hypnotized the Western approach to yoga. Potential students put off taking their first class because they think they’re too stiff, beginning students often think, “I can never do this,” and continuing students tend to push themselves too hard getting into new postures. However, the state of yoga becomes available when our body experiences resistance to a movement, and not when we can put our feet behind our head. Consciously holding the place between movement/action and resistance brings new vitality into our system.

Win-win Alignment

Why do so many yoga practitioners compress and tense their necks to open their throats? Why do many yoga practitioners congest their upper backs in the effort to open the chests? It’s an expression of the faulty beliefs we unconsciously act out. Opening any given part of the body does not necessitate congesting or compressing another part of the body. If we can see these habits in our bodies, we have a much better chance of ferreting them out of our minds. With this awareness, yoga can create lasting change from the inside out.


Take yoga online with Beck


do yoga at home with beck“I’d encourage anyone interested in beginner yoga to jump on with you. I didn’t think I could do yoga exercises and you showed me a few that I can do every morning – and I’m looking forward to learning more.” ~ Charlene B, yoga student

STOP STRESS EATING (and start losing weight)

Are you tired of hearing the dull, monotone, one-size-fits-all advice of “diet and exercise?” “Calories in, calories out?” GOOD. Because these are Anti-Diet and Anti-Calorie-Counting tips. If you’re ready to trust your body and develop your intuition you’re in the right place. (If you don’t want to dig deep into you and your wholeness, you’re not in the right place.)

Imagine what you could do and who you could be if all the energy you put into anxiety about your body and food was available for your life.

The possibilities are endless.

It’s time to stop draining your life energy on limiting thoughts about food. It’s time to let go of worry, perfectionism, self-loathing, worthiness and anxiety about eating and use it to create the life you came here to live!

FIRST :: END EMOTIONAL EATING with clarity, mindset, and psychological support

:: practice 4 steps when you feel heavy emotions/stress: recognize, allow, explore, non-attachment
:: adopt food guidelines: eat when you’re physically hungry, eat with gusto and pleasure, eat what your body wants, stop when you’re satisfied

SECOND :: START LOSING WEIGHT with body, health, digestion, cells and organ knowledge and training

:: eat 2 main meals each day at 10AM and 2PM (or whatever fits into your day) and eat a small supper around 5PM
:: balanced foods for balanced moods: fat, carbohydrate, protein
:: Fat: coconut oil, coconut milk, butter, full fat cheese, nuts, olives, bacon
:: Carbohydrate: popcorn, peas, broccoli, steamed veggies, fruit, bread and pasta
:: Protein: chicken, beef, bacon, eggs, salmon, pork, protein powder


:: Reduce belly fat/rolls
:: Experience inches of weight loss overall (a past client lost 2 inches from his neck alone!)
:: Get to the root of what is causing you to overeat AND implement strategies to…
:: Stop stress eating, lonely eating, boredom eating
:: Find more energy (without another cup of coffee)
:: Learn the foods to help you lose weight quickly
:: Learn mindfulness based stress management techniques that work
:: Learn yoga poses that help balance hormones, improve digestion, decrease stress and inflammation
:: Use breathing techniques and meditation to address psychological AND physiological issues
:: Understand your body and your body’s ideal foods

The choice is yours. Don’t wait until you feel worse, or until you need to go to counseling or get surgery. A year from now you’ll regret sitting and doing nothing. Your time is now. Not a year from now. Not when you have more time or more energy. Not when you get a raise or retire or your kids graduate from school. A year from now, I want you to focus on your career, your family, you travel plans rather than your desire to be healthy.

Your health and confidence (and me!) are waiting for you now.

END EMOTIONAL EATING (and start losing weight)

1 to 1 coaching, from nervous to upbeat

I love helping people get unstuck, and one of the things I hear is, I’m afraid of failure so I don’t even try.

Yesterday I had a 1:1 phone coaching session and I received an email from my client before our session: Talk to you in 1/2 hour….I must admit that I’m nervous so I hope you guide the conversation for us!!

I help people move forward from where they feel stuck, in their personal goals (i.e. lose weight so that I can be more active and social) to their professional goals (i.e. what is my purpose in life? where am I going?). Most of my coaching clients are healthy, successful people who are in a rut or simply want to make a big change in their lives.

Sometimes we need the support of a coach, someone who knows the “game” and can give you the tools to get to the destination more quickly. I know how to reduce stress and inflammation and create peace, play and stillness in incredibly busy lives. I know how to help people lose 30-50 pounds of weight (metaphorical or physical), reduce anxiety and move from depression.

I absolutely love what I do. The client who was nervous to talk to me yesterday? She emailed me two hours after our coaching call was complete: THANK YOU for today’s call!  I hung up feeling re-energized and feeling very upbeat, which is always a wonderful feeling!

What would you say to your best friend?

We all have the inner critic, the Inner Mean Girl. We all struggle with negative self-talk. My heart breaks a little when I hear my students believing their self-talk.

Once in a coaching session, a favorite client, Kelly, was talking about how isolated and alone she felt in the world. She also felt like a “big, fat cow” in her body, and she couldn’t stand the idea of being seen in public because she was ugly and unhappy.

I knew exactly how she felt, because I had been there before as well. What I noticed in my self is exactly what I noticed in her too: that my thoughts became actions. Kelly felt isolated, so she enabled even more isolation. Kelly felt big and fat, so she would “fall off the bandwagon” which enabled more of the same feelings in her body.

What would you tell your best friend or your girlfriend? You would deny any suggestion of being a big, fat anything. You would point out all the support she has. You would bring her attention to all the positive, all the good in her life.

You would do anything to make your friend feel better.

I pointed out to Kelly that she actually had a lot of support in life, she had just been talking about some of her social networks. Kelly perked up and was able to rattle off many ideas of how she could have even more social connections. She identified that one of her “mind ruts,” think about a wheel getting stuck in a rut, was thinking she was alone in life.

Your turn:

For the next 7 days, listen to your inner voice. Is is trying to keep you small and insignificant? Is it trying to medicate you with food and keep you hidden in your home? Or is the voice keeping you on the hamster wheel, trying harder, always racing around to achieve the next goal?